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One day at a worship festival, God gave me a vision of a leader asking an older teen if they would like to come help lead (something). As she stood there, knees shaking, she replied “Who me? A leader!” Then God said to me, “Patience, I want you to help them.”

This website is part of the responce to God’s request.

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Feature Article

What to do when you think your leader is wrong

All leaders are people, therefore not perfect. Only God is perfect. Depending on where a leader is in their personal journey will affect how they deal with and respond to situations. But the question for today is what to do when YOU think your leader(s) are wrong. I'm sure many of us have had a similar experience at some point where a leader has come in, quickly shared what's going to happen next and then added at the end - "ok? Let's do it." The group are taken aback with the leader's quick instructions, which might not be apparent or contradict what some thought would be shared. As well as the speed to start without time to respond.  Sometimes being quick and decisive in a time-sensitive situation is required - you need a leader who is reliable and ready to act. Other times, that's the last thing the group needs,

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#14 The Inductive Bible Study Method

Many of us have a prefered way we study the bible. Others aren’t too sure of how to study the bible apart from reading a section or chapter and praying

608, 2020

August’s book of the month – the me I want to be – by John Ortberg

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I enjoy many of John Ortberg’s books. But this one - the me I want to be - is particularly dear to my heart as it focuses’ on us becoming more of who God has created us to be - especially as individuals. For us to become better leaders - we need to understand and be comfortable with who we are as unique individuals. Ortberg’s book takes us through many of the areas we need to examine as to what makes us us, how we interact with God and the world around us. John encourages us to go deeper with

Ultimate-Guitar.com: Website of the Month

For all of you who love to lead worship or have your personal worship times… My September Website of the month is Ultimate-Guitar.com

Ultimate-Guitar.com are dedicated to helping musicians of all abilities play their favourite songs through a range of helpful features. Plus find songs long forgotten or hot off the press. The spectrum of genres is impressive from heavy metal to country, Bethel to your grandmother’s favourite old hymns.

I’ve used this site (and App) for years as my primary source of finding cords for songs I mainly want to use to

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Why this title, this site?

Who me? a leader!

God sometimes surprises us when He chooses to speak about something big. While at a big worship event in Scotland, enjoying worshipping with some of my worship leader hero’s when suddenly I saw a young woman standing in front of me. (She wasn’t literally in front of me but as a vision in my mind). Her leader was asking her if she would be up for coming to help lead something. Her reaction was to gasp, gulp and with knees trembling replied, “Who me? A Leader!”

As I watched this scene, I heard God say to me, “I want you to write a book for them, to help them.”

My honest response was to try not to laugh. You see my writing ability has never been described as skilful. In fact, if you were to list all the careers I could do in life, a writer would

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