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Emanate – January’s Website Recommendation

Emanate Emanate is a church in Franklin Tn's Young adult ministry. Alyn and AJ Jones lead this amazing group and have fantastic teaching we all need to listen to on a wide range of subjects. They also have (had) a podcast called "Keeping up with the Jones" which is fantastic in so many ways. Seriously, if you have time listen to them all and pray they have time to do more soon! I'm not going to say more, because

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#5 Transformation through the drip, drip effect

It’s hard to see growth happen when we are standing so close to it. With babies, they grow so fast. Even a week can make a noticeable difference. But how about us adults? How can we see growth or development into being more like Jesus? Our bodies do indeed stop growing at a certain age (except for our ears apparently). Yes, our bodies age and over the years we can tell we’re getting older. But how can we grow

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Developing the leader within you 2.0

My book recommendation for January is John Maxwell's updated version of Developing the Leader Within You 2.0. Back in 1993 when I was starting out in leadership this book of one of the few which as a Christian leader really covered topic's I'd never thought about in my leadership development. But were so good to help me see the bigger picture of leadership. Some of the topic's I thought John had missed out on (especially Servant Leadership), he's added

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#4 Looking ahead to 2021

2021 - yes a year from now. As we get stuck into 2020, perhaps a little overwhelmed by the number of things we said we’d do next year, realising that’s actually now. I make sure I pause to take time to sit with God and hear His thoughts for the year ahead. Some things are for the next few months, but some are things He wants to put in place which have a longer-term view. Somethings God has in

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