Monthly Archives: September 2020 Website of the Month

For all of you who love to lead worship or have your personal worship times… My September Website of the month is are dedicated to helping musicians of all abilities play their favourite songs through a range of helpful features. Plus find songs long forgotten or hot off the press. The spectrum of genres is impressive from heavy metal to country, Bethel to your grandmother’s favourite old hymns. I’ve used this site (and App) for years as my

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#14 The Inductive Bible Study Method

Many of us have a prefered way we study the bible. Others aren’t too sure of how to study the bible apart from reading a section or chapter and praying that God would show us more of Himself through it. Today I’d like to share with you a method which will take you longer than the average, but the amount you get out of it is worth the time (and effort). It’s called the Inductive Bible Study method because

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