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I work with YWAM Burgtigny as their Basic Leadership Program team leader, I'm pioneering the B2B school (Be the Leader God wants you 2 be) for YWAM Switzerland and I'm a budding author. I love God and enjoy seeing Him captivate and transform others into who He's created them to be. I grew up in Scotland but I've also lived in the USA, England, India & Romania too.

#9 What is the most important thing to develop to become a great leader?

All quality leadership books have character as a critical factor in answering the popular question of how do I become a great leader? For me, it is thee most important area to develop. But it’s not a quick to-do list item we can quickly tick off as completed. It takes a lifetime of intentionality and consciously choosing to walk in to become a person with quality character. So what is character? According to the Cambridge Dictionary its: “the particular

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#8 How can we be less stressed?

I don’t know about you, but there are seasons in my life where I feel quite stressed and I find myself praying - "Lord how can I reduce my stress levels?" Right now is one of those seasons - launching this website, preparing for new students to join our Basic Leadership program as well as revamping said program is making my days very full. There are times, even this week when I’ve physically felt quite stressed. It’s like my

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Culture of Honor – May’s book of the month

My book recommendation for May is Danny Silk’s Book Culture of Honor - Sustaining a supernatural environment. The book explores how Danny and the Bethel leadership created their environment of “creating a culture that hosts the presence of God,” which they call a culture of honour. Where they see this key foundational value helped shape what Bethel Church is today. Danny Silk is part of the pastoral team of Bethel Church - Redding CA. He is also President and

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YWAM – Youth With A Mission

You can't read too many things on this site without coming across the abbreviation YWAM. So what is YWAM, and why do I work with them? Click here for a 65-second introduction Youth With A Mission was started back in 1960 when a young man, Loren Cunningham had a vision of waves of young people covering the earth bringing the gospel of Jesus. Its main vision is To Know God and Make God Known through Training, Evangelism and Mercy Ministries.

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Fruitfulness from pausing to reflect and apply

As we begin a new year with our Basic leadership students, I’ve been taking them through a series of discussions and reflections to help them get the most out of this past year. In order to then plan how to make this coming year intentionally fruitful. Some of us are great a remembering the past, others being present in today and others regularly dreaming about tomorrow. All three are great and needed if we are going to get the

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ONELIFE April’s Website recommendation

ONELIFE Not only a website but a group committed to helping young people do the best they can with the one life they have. Therefore, this is my website recommendation for April. Their vision is to: "Connect and equip young people and students to be exceptional leaders in every sphere of society" They aim to do this through 6 streams: Conferences (for 14-18 year-olds) School of Leadership (17-22 year-olds) the normal school is postponed to next year, but they're

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#7 I’ve always got Hope

2007 was a hard year for me. I started it living in India, suddenly losing my mum in January, then in the middle of the year my visa to continue working in India was denied. So I found myself back in Scotland in an unexpected transition, which was a lot to cope with. I didn’t want to live by myself, so I got two cats (as they could be together at home, while I was out at work). I

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The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson

My book recommendation for April is Bruce Wilkinson’s book - The Dream Giver. I read it when it first came out in 2003 (which I know some of you weren’t born yet, sigh). It was such a great book for me at that time because I was nervously praying about moving to India. Over the years I’ve leant this book to several friends and fellow disciples as a book to help them process their dreams and visions which seem

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#6 B2b – Be the Leader God wants you 2 Be

I’m writing this post from Medias, Romania while staffing for the third time Romania’s B2b. Before moving to Switzerland last year, I was serving with YWAM in Romania. It’s great to be back with friends who are a little like family - to continue to work together helping equip young leaders who are mostly from Romania. There are 23 students from all over Romania, many of whom are working in local churches or recently joined YWAM to be full-time

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Worship Central’s Website

My website recommendation for March is for Worship Central They are : "a collective of pastors, musicians, leaders & songwriters who train & equip the Church in worship." You'll find them in Birmingham (England) but are followed around the world. They started back in 2006 by gathering worshippers who wanted to go deeper with God and impact their churches. in 2011 they started a training course to help develop local church worship teams & leaders. Additionally, they now have

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