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One day at a worship festival, God gave me a vision of a leader asking an older teen if they would like to come help lead (something). As she stood there, knees shaking, she replied “Who me? A leader!” Then God said to me, “Patience, I want you to help them.”

This website is part of the responce to God’s request.

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Feature Article

Fruitfulness from pausing to reflect and apply

As we begin a new year with our Basic leadership students, I’ve been taking them through a series of discussions and reflections to help them get the most out of this past year. In order to then plan how to make this coming year intentionally fruitful. Some of us are great a remembering the past, others being present in today and others regularly dreaming about tomorrow. All three are great and needed if we are going to get the best out of life. As a leader, we need to consciously and regularly take time to think back on our last season. Whether that’s a year, semester or specific time frame we’ve just finished - to debrief thus bringing to a close what’s ended, note what we’ve gone through, reflect on what that meant and how we’ve grown. To then be intentional in our planning of what we need to do

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#8 How can we be less stressed?

I don’t know about you, but there are seasons in my life where I feel quite stressed and I find myself praying - "Lord how can I reduce my stress

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