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Book of the Month

Every month I’ll highlight a book I think is great to help new leaders develop in a vaiety of areas

August’s book of the month – the me I want to be – by John Ortberg

I enjoy many of John Ortberg’s books. But this one - the me I want to be - is particularly dear to my heart as it focuses’ on us becoming more of who God has created us to be - especially as individuals. For us to become better leaders - we need to understand and be comfortable with who we are as unique individuals. Ortberg’s book takes us through many of the areas we need to examine as to what makes us us, how we interact with God and the world around us. John encourages us to go deeper with God - to ask the uncomfortable questions, so we discover more of who God is and ourselves. He shares the common pitfalls of our strengths and weakness and calls us to partner with God in bringing kingdom transformation into our whole self. Too few books out there encourage us to

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The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

"So what's your love language?" This may be a strange question to hear someone ask you if you're not familiar with Gary Chapman's books on The 5 Love Languages. If that's the case, then my book recommendation for July is especially relevant. We all need and want to be loved in ways that are meaningful for us. Not just in a sexual way but also by our family and friends. Gary's original book titled - The 5 Love Languages gives us great insight into the five different love languages of Physical Touch; Quality Time; Acts of Service; Words of Affirmation and

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Previous Recommendations

21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader by John Maxwell

My book recommendation for June is John Maxwell's 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader. I have used this book with several small groups I was giving leadership training/ mentoring to, which each group has loved. I've just started it with my new BLP (Basic Leadership Practicum) students, and they also are

Culture of Honor – May’s book of the month

My book recommendation for May is Danny Silk’s Book Culture of Honor - Sustaining a supernatural environment. The book explores how Danny and the Bethel leadership created their environment of “creating a culture that hosts the presence of God,” which they call a culture of honour. Where they see this key

The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson

My book recommendation for April is Bruce Wilkinson’s book - The Dream Giver. I read it when it first came out in 2003 (which I know some of you weren’t born yet, sigh). It was such a great book for me at that time because I was nervously praying about moving

Website Recommendation of the month – website recommendation for July

July is the month about getting to know yourself better.

Therefore my website recommendation for July is i.e. Spiritual Gifts Test

The website is straightforward to look at – not many graphics or colour, but it delivers what it promises.

Jeff Carver created the site after God put on his heart to help fellow believers be good stewards of the gifts He’d given them.

If you’re new to thinking about having or using the Spiritual Gifts, then this website will help you learn the necessary information.


The Test

There is a test option for Youth – which is a wise distinction for younger people who may not have had the same opportunities to try some of these areas out before. Thus alter your results. 

For a group or church that want more people to take the test and thus have the group’s leaders receive

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Goodreads – June’s website of the month

My website recommendation for June is

I add links to Goodread’s in books I’ve picked to recommend to you because it’s a fantastic site to find out more about not just a particular book but many books which are hidden gems.

Goodreads have done a great job in providing a variety of useful pages and tools to satisfy even the most avid reader. From being able to create and share with friends your

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Previous Recommendations

  • logo for YWAM Youth With A Mission

YWAM – Youth With A Mission

You can't read too many things on this site without coming across the abbreviation YWAM. So what is YWAM, and why do I work with them? Click here for a 65-second introduction Youth With A Mission was started back in 1960 when a young man, Loren Cunningham had a vision

ONELIFE April’s Website recommendation

ONELIFE Not only a website but a group committed to helping young people do the best they can with the one life they have. Therefore, this is my website recommendation for April. Their vision is to: "Connect and equip young people and students to be exceptional leaders in every sphere

  • group of people worshiping
  • theme and main topics for Worship Central
  • Guy speaking to a group of young people

Worship Central’s Website

My website recommendation for March is for Worship Central They are : "a collective of pastors, musicians, leaders & songwriters who train & equip the Church in worship." You'll find them in Birmingham (England) but are followed around the world. They started back in 2006 by gathering worshippers who wanted

  • logo for the Bible Project
  • The Bible Projects ongoing and complete series
  • Bible Project How to read the bible
  • screen shot of Bible Projects Bible Overview options for New Testament

February’s website – The Bible Project

The Bible Project Tim and Jon's vision behind the Bible Project is: To help people see the Bible as one unified story that leads to Jesus. They are brilliant at crafting little animated videos to bring to life every book of the bible, key themes and words which help us

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