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For all of you who love to lead worship or have your personal worship times… My September Website of the month is are dedicated to helping musicians of all abilities play their favourite songs through a range of helpful features. Plus find songs long forgotten or hot off the press. The spectrum of genres is impressive from heavy metal to country, Bethel to your grandmother’s favourite old hymns. I’ve used this site (and App) for years as my

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My website recommendation for August is One Thing Alone Ministries. Created by Asheritah Ciuciu, whose passion is to help everyone, especially women, find their joy in Jesus. “Whatever you do today, make time with Jesus your one thing alone.” My most important relationship in life is that with my Heavenly Father God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I have encouraged many of you to go deeper in your personal relationship with Him too. Asheritah’s website is a fantastic resource

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July is the month about getting to know yourself better. Therefore my website recommendation for July is i.e. Spiritual Gifts Test The website is straightforward to look at - not many graphics or colour, but it delivers what it promises. Jeff Carver created the site after God put on his heart to help fellow believers be good stewards of the gifts He’d given them. If you’re new to thinking about having or using the Spiritual Gifts, then this website will

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YWAM – Youth With A Mission

You can't read too many things on this site without coming across the abbreviation YWAM. So what is YWAM, and why do I work with them? Click here for a 65-second introduction Youth With A Mission was started back in 1960 when a young man, Loren Cunningham had a vision of waves of young people covering the earth bringing the gospel of Jesus. Its main vision is To Know God and Make God Known through Training, Evangelism and Mercy Ministries.

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ONELIFE April’s Website recommendation

ONELIFE Not only a website but a group committed to helping young people do the best they can with the one life they have. Therefore, this is my website recommendation for April. Their vision is to: "Connect and equip young people and students to be exceptional leaders in every sphere of society" They aim to do this through 6 streams: Conferences (for 14-18 year-olds) School of Leadership (17-22 year-olds) the normal school is postponed to next year, but they're

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Worship Central’s Website

My website recommendation for March is for Worship Central They are : "a collective of pastors, musicians, leaders & songwriters who train & equip the Church in worship." You'll find them in Birmingham (England) but are followed around the world. They started back in 2006 by gathering worshippers who wanted to go deeper with God and impact their churches. in 2011 they started a training course to help develop local church worship teams & leaders. Additionally, they now have

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February’s website – The Bible Project

The Bible Project Tim and Jon's vision behind the Bible Project is: To help people see the Bible as one unified story that leads to Jesus. They are brilliant at crafting little animated videos to bring to life every book of the bible, key themes and words which help us understand God's word to us like never before. Over the years they have worked with others to translate many of the little videos into many languages, started a podcast

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Emanate – January’s Website Recommendation

Emanate Emanate is a church in Franklin Tn's Young adult ministry. Alyn and AJ Jones lead this amazing group and have fantastic teaching we all need to listen to on a wide range of subjects. They also have (had) a podcast called "Keeping up with the Jones" which is fantastic in so many ways. Seriously, if you have time listen to them all and pray they have time to do more soon! I'm not going to say more, because

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